Alongside their passion for cooking great seasonal food, there has been an on-going love affair with bread in our kitchen! Head chef, Mikey and Sous Chef, Jethro made their own sourdough starters about six months ago (they’ve even given them names – don’t ask!). They’ve been feeding them, burping them & playing with them several times a day…kind of like having a newborn baby! It brings them immense joy and satisfaction when they cut through their perfectly crusted, freshly-baked, leavened bread and the inside is bouncy, soft & open-textured. Many a proud moment!

Recently, they’ve been experimenting with onion seeds, linseed & chia seeds. If you’re a bread & butter fan, then you really must try one of our bread baskets. Our flavoured butters are a real taste teaser too. Currently, we are alternating between the Roast Lemon Butter with Thyme Salt & Thyme Oil and the Walnut Butter & Black Treacle.